Millenia Technologies

The EXJET offers excellent surface quality and fine details for jewelry applications.

High precision printing, surface quality, reliability and high speed of production with EXJET. Jet spray of resin technology elliminates the need for extra support. EXJET requires 10 times less support design, decreasing the cost of manufacturing by decreasing the post processing, compared to other DLP printers in the market.

EXJET enables printing of fine details as thin as 40 micron thanks to its state of the art high resolution UV-DLP. Integrated light intensity sensors eliminate the need for manual calibration of the light intensity while controls the uniformity of the light over the whole platform.

EXJET is available in 2 sizes: 160x90x200 mm (EXJET A6) and 220xl 40×200 mm (EXJET AS). Large platform size of EXJET AS enables direct casting productivity of up to 1.5 KG of 18ct gold rings in less than 24 hours.

  • Fast Printing (Up to 5 cm/Hour)
  • Excellent resolution and accuracy
  • Consumable Free Operation.
  • Low Printing Cost
  • Castable Resin Printing
  • Auto Intensity Calibration
  • Active Layer Thickness Calibration
  • Low Maintenance 24/7 Operation
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