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In SF technology also known as stream finishing gives rise to an innovative new generation of mass finishing. The Otec stream finishing process offers much shorter processing times compared to conventional procedures. It also allows users to automate processes easily without Jeopardising reliability. The shorter cycle times mean that the system can be integrated smoothly into industrial production lines. The shorter cycle times mean that the system can be integrated.

In this process, one or more work pieces are clamped in a holder and immersed in the rotating process drum filled with grinding or polishing media. The actual processing motion is the result of the grinding or polishing media flowing around the work piece itself.

In stream finishing, work pieces can be deburred, smooth & polished in a single process. The Technology can also be used to round work – piece edges. This is made possible by the high flow speed of the grinding or polishing media achieved using SF technology .The arising forces press the fine polishing media granules into tiny, difficult – to –access areas like grooves and notches. This enables roughness depths of below Ra 0.03 μm. In addition, contour controlled motions help process certain areas with greater precision. To ensure even abrasion across the entire work piece, this motion occurs alongside standard processing and is automatically monitored. The machine’s special design allows the flow angle of the grinding or polishing media to be adjusted. This enables control of material abrasion to the micrometre level. This combination of high of automation powerful processing forces and quick work piece changing during the procedure allow for fast and efficient work piece processing.

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