Millenia Technologies

In the Drag Finishing Process, the work pieces are clamped in specially designed holders. These holders are dragged in a circular motion through a process drum containing grinding or polishing granulate.

This high-speed motion generates high contact pressure between the work piece and the media, which in a very short time produces perfect results in the form of high-precision Edge rounding, smoothing or a mirror finish in a quality equivalent to that obtained by Manual polishing.

Highlights :

  • Drag Finishing is a reliable & reproducible method of rounding the edges with an accuracy of +/-1µm.
  • Simultaneous smoothing of chip flute and cutting edge, giving better chip removal , better bonding of coating and higher service life.
  • Affordable process, since operating costs and capital investment are low.
  • Can also be used for the removal of droplets after coating.
  • Rounding values of from 4 µm to 120 µm can be achieved.
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