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CF Element

The modular design of the CF Element units enables each machine to be individually adapted to the respective application. This gives the user an optimized process flow and greater cost-effectiveness.

Harnessing the effect of the different centrifugal forces acting on the workpiece and the process medium gives a very intense finishing. This is up to 20 times more efficient than, for example, the use of conventional vibratory finishing units.

CF series works on the disc finishing principle whereby the work pieces immersed in a drum shaped container filled with grinding or polishing media & a disc in the base of the drum is made to rotate. In CF with suitable deburring, grinding and polishing granulates we effectively achieve the required surface finish on Bone plates and Bone Screw’s.

With CF 50 machine we can process plates up to size  7 inch & we can also  process small screw’s.

Highlights :-

  • Symmetrical and Even Metal Cutting all over the surface
  • Consistency and repeatability in results
  • Savings on consumables for manual processing
  • Saving on Labours
  • No skilled operator is needed to handle the machine
  • Less maintenance of machine
  • Robust design hence long self service life
  • Process container with hot molded PU lining
  • High Quality Steel Chassis
  • Aluminium profile frame for easy expansion
  • Display :processing time,Elapsed time & Speed
  • Ceramic gap System
  • Speed Control via frequency inverter.
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