Millenia Technologies

OxiProtect JE790 & Oxi-Ex

Effective Tarnishing Protection with OXIPROTECT JE790 .

With OXIPROTECT, Jentner offers  a very efficient protection system for silver surfaces as well for low carat precious metal surfaces such as red gold or 14-carat-gold. These can be protected sustainably from oxidation and discolouration by the treatment with OXIPROTECT JE790. At the same time the brilliance of the base material remains and the resulting layer is absolutely invisible. due to the thin layer thickness.

OXIPROTECT is dermatologically tested.

OXI-EX for fast and effective cleaning of tarnished silverware OXI-EX JE709 is a deoxidizer in an aqueous base that is used to remove the sulphide and oxide layers on silver and gold. OXI-EX JE709 is suitable for both decorative and technical applications.

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