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Elma Cyclomotion WatchWinder
Elma Cyclomotion WatchWinder

Cyclomotion Watch Winder

The cyclomotion with a modern design is the perfect further development of the proven Cyclomat for winding mechanical watches. The various possible options for watch mounting enable individual configuration of the watch winder tailored to the respective requirements. Different winding variants guarantee optimum winding and testing according to the respective requirements of the watch movements. In particular, large and heavy mechanical watches can also be wound by the powerful motor. Due to its versatility, the Cyclomotion is designed for watch manufacturers and watchmakers.

Highlights :-

  • Powerful , quiet motor with integrated slip clutch and holding torque ( in stand by)
  • Adjustable speed: 1 rpm or 4 rpm for continuous tests and fast winding of the watches
  • Adjustable rotation directions: clockwise, anti-clockwise and clockwise / anticlockwise by rotation direction change
  • Individually selectable retaining bracket combination enables simultaneous winding on one or both sides of watch movements to be wound
  • Cyclomotion pro with lockable protection cover provides additional protection against dust and mechanical influence
  • Optional: lockable ‚Protector‘ cover for additional protection against dust and mechanical damageW
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